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Intersteno - Internet contest
Par jeandid, Le 14-02-2010

Great news!

Typing Zone associates with Intersteno, the International Federation for Information Processing.

For the VIII° Internet Contest, that will take place from April 15th to May 15th, 12 free registrations are given to Typing Zone members!

Participating to this prestigious contest will bring you an official Intersteno diploma (sent by post), that will certificate your typing speed.

Last year, 1214 people have participated, and Karen KOULAKIAN finished 2nd at mother tongue typing, in the overall ranking (1st of his age category).

Every interested person can contact us. To make our selection, we'll consider two factors: performance and age. Indeed, it's interesting to make young people participate, even if they're not as fast as 20+ people!

Vous pouvez commenter cette news en vous connectant dans l'espace membre !

2 Commentaires
jeandid :
à 12:16
Voilà, les 12 personnes sélectionnées ont été déterminées. J'envoie ce soir la liste à Intersteno.
dramatik :
à 15:55
Énorme pour ce master !! :D 145 pour le moment ! Espérons de bons candidats pour l'intersteno ! :)
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